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CurleyOak Pick N Mix
MITarr Les Paul Junior Custom with CurleyOak P90 pickups
CurleyOak raw materials
73 Telecaster

About CurleyOak Pickups

From little acorns...

Curley Oak ACORN.jpg

When top Welsh Luthier Richard Meyrick, suggested I make my own pickups, I thought he was joking.  At the time, I was building a Telecaster replica - under his supervision - at his workshop in Abergavenny, South Wales.


That was the start of CurleyOak Pickups.

Having a background in engineering, I was able to apply my design and engineering skills to producing high quality, pickups for guitar and bass.

The name CurleyOak comes from an oak tree in Wentwood Forest, reputed to be over 1000 years old, known as The Curly Oak.  This tree as lived through momentous eras in history, from pre-conquest Britain to the present. The oak tree has had an enormous impact on the culture of these islands, just like the cultural impact of the electric guitar, so there's the link. Richard Tells me he was joking by the way - too late now !

Not forgetting a special mention to Steve Ward who showed me the way, Richard Jones who designed the logo and provided support, and Mike Tarr who had faith in me

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